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NASJ - custom web analytics system created as a proof-of-concept (PoC) for the large company in Saudi Arabia that investigates and analyzes departments' structuring.

Client's goal

Improve business operational efficiency by optimizing department formation and their structural division as well as simplifying management processes for HR.


Tailor-made analytics tool that represents each department structure as a graph network where each employee is a node. The system visualizes relations between nodes i.e. workers, their levels, and departments using different calculation algorithms.

Graph formation is based on filtering by branches, buildings, floors, departments, projects, employees, and network roles.

The web application features are:

  • Data merging processor that analyzes data from different sources,
  • Degree centrality and other indicator calculations,
  • Network visualization with filtering and indicator recalculation.

To ensure two last clauses were used NetworkX (Python) and D3.js libraries respectively.

The solution also provides value system headcount by title providing total numbers of nodes, their groups (divisions/projects), relations and sent emails as well as by department clarifying related node colors and representing their respective size in a diagram.


Custom web solution allowed improving each department performance thanks to optimization of their structure and interaction with other company units.


Feedback From Client

Wael Alalwani
Co Founder @ Nasj Analytics, Saudi Arabia

The Springs team fostered an open and collaborative workflow to deliver a high-quality product within a very short timeline. An emphasis on understanding project goals and requirements was key in the partnership’s success.

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