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React Native mobile application for Android and iOS with a user-friendly interface, created by local experts, with insightful content that allows immersion in the town ambiance and history.


  • Client: Travel Startup
  • Industry: Travel, Tourism
  • Location: UK
  • Team: React Native Developers- 2, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 10 months for MVP phase.
  • Services: Mobile Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, React Native, Firebase, Android, iOS, Redux, Google Maps API
  • Problem: Help different tourists to save time in search of local attractions, and places of interest, and at the same time save money on walking tours.
  • Product: Mobile application for Android and iOS with a user-friendly interface, created by local experts, with insightful content that allows immersion in the town's ambiance and history.
  • Result: The travel tech startup has already received appreciation from London visitors for its concept and unique content that allows truly discovering attractions in and outside typical city tours.


The main goal was twofold: to streamline the exploration process for diverse tourists, optimizing the quest for local attractions and places of interest, all while introducing an innovative avenue for cost savings on walking tours.

Recognizing the intricate demands of this ambitious endeavor, our team emerged as a sought-after partner, revered for its profound expertise in crafting hybrid mobile applications that seamlessly harmonize with both iOS and Android platforms. The project, born out of this collaboration, is a manifestation of efficiency, convenience, and fiscal prudence.

The core value proposition lies in the fusion of technology and wanderlust, where tourists not only save precious time navigating unfamiliar terrains but also find solace in the financial prudence offered by cost-effective walking tours. This isn't just about an application, it's an idea that transforms the very essence of tourist exploration, elevating it to a realm where technology becomes the conduit for an enhanced, frugal, and enriching travel experience.


In the realm of travel innovation, our team spearheaded the development of a React Native mobile application, meticulously curated for both Android and iOS platforms. Crafted by local experts, this technological marvel boasts a user-friendly interface, serving as a gateway for immersive exploration into the town's ambiance and rich history.

This isn't merely an application, it's a portal to curated insights, a creation born from the collective wisdom of local experts dedicated to unraveling the tapestry of a destination's past and present. To embark on this experiential journey, travelers simply activate internet and location access, unlocking a plethora of features meticulously designed to enrich their exploration:

- A dynamic heat map, intricately weaving together the nearest attractions, seamlessly adapting to the traveler's current location.

- A comprehensive directory, an invaluable resource for swift and informed searches, offering a panorama of available sightseeing options within the city.

- Tailored tour planning, where the traveler assumes the role of curator, orchestrating an optimal walking itinerary to explore the city's gems at their own pace.

- Engaging in audio and text content, intelligently triggered as the traveler approaches selected points of interest, providing an enriching narrative that transcends the conventional guidebook experience.

This project, borne of local expertise and technological finesse, is an embodiment of a curated journey, an exploration into the heart of a destination, seamlessly blending technology with the richness of historical and cultural narratives.


In the dynamic sphere of travel technology, our startup has garnered acclaim from seasoned London visitors, earning recognition for its groundbreaking concept and distinctive content that transcends conventional city tours. Our product is a conduit for immersive discovery, providing travelers with a nuanced exploration of attractions both within and beyond the confines of typical city tours.

The accolades received underscore the resonance of our project in enhancing the travel experience, serving as a testament to the value it brings to an audience seeking more than just conventional sightseeing. Beyond immediate success, our client envisions a strategic expansion of operational geography, charting a trajectory of growth within the shortest possible timeframe.

This product is about redefining the contours of travel exploration, offering a transformative experience that resonates with the sophisticated tastes of modern travelers. As our client sets sights on geographical expansion, the journey continues, promising not just wider accessibility but an enduring imprint on the evolving landscape of travel technology.

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