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Review management software designed to cater to multi-location businesses with high customer traffic, collect and analyze related reviews.


  • Website:
  • Client: Marketing SaaS Startup
  • Industry: Sales, Marketing, Hospitality, Retail, IT, Legal, Automotive
  • Location: UAE, Canada
  • Team: React Developers - 2, Node Developers - 2, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 2, CTO
  • Timeline: 1 year for MVP, currently ongoing.
  • Services: Discovery Phase, UI/UX Design, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: Javascript, ReactJS, NodeJS, Sails, GraphQL, Google API, Stripe API, Web Sockets
  • Problem: Many multi-location businesses, such as restaurants, gyms, cafes, and cinemas, struggle to effectively manage their online presence due to varying customer reviews and ratings on review sites.
  • Product: The online platform for review management that collects reviews from different sources to centralize and simplify the workflow related to this scope of business operation.
  • Result: The effectiveness of solution was demonstrated through successful integrations into the operational processes of restaurants, gyms, and other multi-location businesses, resulting in increased customer retention.


The main challenge in developing such SaaS solution lies in the dynamic landscape of online reputation management. Emerging and existing franchises, brands, and products face the continuous challenge of adapting to changing consumer preferences and market trends. Maintaining a positive online image in the face of evolving customer sentiment and ever-increasing online review platforms is a complex and demanding task. Furthermore, the solution must be flexible and adaptive to cater to the unique needs and nuances of different businesses, whether they are expanding franchises or established brands, making it essential to strike a balance between versatility and specialization.

Moreover, there is the huge challenge of providing effective customer relations and support to the customers. As businesses scale and expand across multiple locations, maintaining consistent and high-quality customer support becomes increasingly challenging. Meeting the diverse needs of customers across various locations and platforms while ensuring a seamless and cohesive experience poses a significant challenge. Balancing automation with personalized interactions, streamlining support processes, and delivering timely resolutions are key aspects that must be addressed to successfully ease the management of customer relations and support across a range of businesses and industries.


Review management platform created by Springs team serves as a dynamic solution for businesses looking to harness the power of customer feedback, centralize review data, and streamline their review management process. Let's dive deeper into the core features of the product.

Centralized Review Collection
At the core of this platform is its ability to collect customer reviews from a diverse range of sources, effectively centralizing the management of these invaluable insights. With this feature, businesses no longer need to manually navigate through multiple websites and platforms to keep track of their online reputation. This centralized review collection significantly simplifies the workflow associated with managing customer feedback, saving businesses valuable time and resources.

Monitoring Customer Feedback
One of the standout features of this platform is its comprehensive review monitoring capability. Users can seamlessly monitor customer feedback across the web, breaking down this data by individual locations. This granular approach ensures that businesses can keep a finger on the pulse of each of their establishments, enabling them to address specific concerns and issues that may arise.

Customized Responses
Effective engagement with customers is key to managing online reputation, and this platform empowers businesses to do just that. Users can provide custom and timely responses to reviews across a wide array of services, enhancing their interaction with customers. This personalized approach not only showcases the business's commitment to its customers but also helps in resolving any issues or concerns promptly.

The platform provides a convenient means to oversee and access comprehensive product statistics, streamlining the management of various processes. With a single visit to the Dashboard page, users can effortlessly gain full access to all functions and available actions.

Real-time Notifications
In the fast-paced world of online reputation management, staying informed is crucial. This platform ensures that users receive daily notifications about new posts and updates. This real-time feedback loop allows businesses to act swiftly, acknowledging positive reviews and addressing any negative feedback promptly.

Partners Metrics
To make informed decisions and continuously enhance their services, businesses need insights into their performance. The platform provides a comprehensive partners dashboard that allows users to study data on customer sentiment, ratings, and trends. This data-driven approach empowers businesses to identify areas that require improvement and to make data-backed decisions to boost overall customer satisfaction.

Performance Reports
The platform equips businesses with the tools to generate weekly and monthly performance statistic reports. These reports provide a holistic view of the business's online reputation, enabling them to track progress over time and measure their success in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Finally, the developed online review management platform represents a revolutionary approach to handling the challenges of managing online reputation. By centralizing review data, providing robust monitoring capabilities, enabling customized responses, and offering valuable insights, businesses can take control of their online image and enhance their customer relations. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, this platform serves as an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to thrive in the online world.


The implementation of review management system has yielded significant impacts across various industries, particularly in restaurants, gyms, and other multi-branched companies. By centralizing review management and streamlining the process of monitoring customer feedback, the platform has notably enhanced customer retention rates. It has enabled businesses to foster stronger relationships with their clientele, ultimately resulting in improved customer loyalty and trust.

Additionally, the platform has enabled businesses to make informed, data-driven decisions regarding their performance and online reputation. The comprehensive product statistics accessible through the Dashboard page have empowered adopters to track their business performance more effectively. This, in turn, has allowed them to identify areas that require improvement and to make timely adjustments. The result is a more agile and responsive approach to business management, as companies are better equipped to address customer concerns promptly and enhance the overall quality of their services.

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