April 8, 2024

How Companies Use Chatbots For Recruiting: Real Examples

Explore how recruiting bots help businesses find and hire the best talent in different industries. Our article examines recruitment chatbot examples and how they helped companies automate hiring processes.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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HR departments worldwide have begun to adopt generative AI solutions, with 13% of the teams using chatbots and virtual assistants. Organizations from different sectors of the economy work with development firms to get tailored solutions or integrate readily available AI products.

In addition to HR chatbots that help manage the daily workflow in organizations, businesses need a way to streamline the hiring process. On average, enterprises receive around a hundred applications per opening, which take time and effort to process. This article examines recruiting bots, their applications, benefits, and examples.

What Are Recruiting Bots

These products use the same AI components as advanced HR solutions that streamline employee management. They focus on locating talent using machine learning and natural language processing technologies. These features allow them to mimic human conversations, improving interactions between applicants and recruiters.

When talking to candidates, chatbots answer questions about openings, the work environment, responsibilities, and the hiring process. The information gathered in these conversations is transferred to recruiters, giving them a better understanding of job seekers.

Companies use the tools to schedule interviews and follow-ups. The comprehensive approach the hiring chatbots introduce makes the application process faster for both parties. Such solutions work on social media platforms, career pages, job boards, and other communication channels.

How Recruitment Chatbots Help Find The Right Talent

Conversational AI products have seen steady adoption rates in recent years. A study published in July 2023 by Intelion Systems shows that 35%-45% of companies already use AI recruitment tools. Of the Fortune 500 companies, 65% of their HR departments use such solutions to help with hiring. Several features help find the right talent and speed up the recruitment process.

  • Automate screening. Companies rely more on chatbots in recruitment thanks to their ability to ask tailored questions based on job requirements. Enterprises use such tools to assess applicants' skill sets, qualifications, and experience.
  • Availability. These products offer a seamless recruitment environment in a world with a higher emphasis on remote work. Businesses use chatbots to find talent around the globe, making the application process available in all countries and time zones.
  • Data-based insights. AI-based solutions give HR experts a better understanding of which ads work better, the effectiveness of screening questions, and the general trends among applicants. This information leads to more effective HR strategies.
  • Effective communication. Enterprises using the latest recruitment chatbot examples offer a more streamlined way of engaging job seekers. They send notifications about application statuses or ask candidates for more information. This reduces drop-off rates and keeps individuals informed during the recruitment process. 
  • HR system integration. Depending on the compatibility of company solutions and platforms, programmers can combine them with chatbots. This integration gives AI solutions access to applicant records and helps conduct background checks.
  • Improved applicant experience. Modern chatbots make hiring more pleasant for job seekers, offering instant answers and guidance. The better their experience is, the more qualified applicants the enterprise will attract.
  • Scalability. Advanced chatbots handle large volumes of requests simultaneously. They let enterprises streamline the application process for popular positions. Each candidate gets proper attention without putting a strain on the HR department.

Top Recruitment Chatbot Examples

Enterprises develop unique ways of using these solutions to bolster their hiring efforts. In addition to using traditional website-embedded products, companies currently use several conversational tools.

  1. Branding Chatbots

Companies use these helpers to send out the latest videos, blog posts, and other content via multiple messaging platforms. They help enterprises and organizations build their brand image and ensure new materials reach target audiences of job seekers. For example, by sending the latest articles on company workplace ethics or policy changes and productivity numbers.

  1. Career Chatbots

Introducing these solutions to the recruitment process allows for addressing the significant volumes of candidates who visit career sites without leaving contact information. According to the Jobvite 2017 Recruiting Funnel report, around 91% of applicants do so, with only 8,52% completing applications. Modern chatbots for recruiting engage users, pre-screening candidates, building profiles, and offering the most relevant positions.

  1. Facebook Chatbots

Like LinkedIn and Upwork, Meta’s social media platform is one of the world’s biggest hotspots for job seekers. Companies use this fact to promote openings in Facebook groups and promoted posts. To instantly engage candidates, enterprises use Messenger chatbots to ask for profile information, provide openings information, and show content about working for the company.

  1. Job Fair Chatbots

Modern enterprises host online recruiting events called job fairs to find many candidates, talk to them, and offer positions. Job fair registration chatbots let employers advertise these events on various websites. Once individuals text the solution, it registers applicants, sends upcoming reminders, and provides meeting options.

  1. Pre-Screening Chatbots

Assessing candidates takes considerable time for HR experts to complete. They must check an individual’s availability, interests, and qualifications during the pre-screening phone calls. It’s possible to make recruiting chatbots ask these questions and better decide if they fit the role. With their help, HR professionals send hundreds of messages in minutes and receive as many responses just as fast.

  1. Text-To-Hire Chatbots

Previously, companies posted openings on job boards and provided application links. This tactic didn’t work as most visitors didn’t apply this way. Text-to-hire solutions improve this statistic by offering messaging through a toll-free number. Using such chatbots in recruitment helps enterprises get contact information, schedule interviews, and ask pre-screening questions.

  1. QR and Short Code Chatbots

This subset of text-to-hire solutions adds QR and shortcodes to the application process. All applicants must do is scan them with a smart device camera, and they’ll end up on the careers page. This approach makes applying for jobs a more pleasant experience for job seekers. It’s beneficial in the retail and hospitality industries, where organizations need an effective way to find the right talent fast.

How Companies Use Recruiting Bots

Companies and organizations have been experimenting with these solutions for some time. Here’s what IKEA, Brother International Corporation, L’Oreal, and Stanford Healthcare use these assistants for and the results of their implementation into the recruiting process.

  1. Brother International Corporation

The company specializing in business and home office supplies developed an AI-based chatbot to find the best talent and introduce visitors to the enterprise. The conversational tool and a comprehensive recruitment platform helped Brother International Corporation capture more leads and deal with partial applications.

This organization experienced great results thanks to chatbot integration. During the first month, completed applications increased by over 140%, and it took individuals 25% less time to fill out the recruitment forms. Additionally, BIC saw a 40% increase in job seekers with a 15% rise in returning applicants.

  1. IKEA

Swedish furniture giant invested in developing a recruitment chatbot after their candidate conversion rates dropped to a minimum in Eastern Europe. IKEA wanted to improve the online application process. The chatbot helped the company find the right talent better and scan candidates in real time.

Since adopting the chatbot, IKEA saw candidate conversion rates improve by 10%, with the number of monthly applications doubling in volume. Additionally, the solution helped reduce bias among underrepresented candidates and automate interview scheduling and onboarding.

  1. L’Oreal

The cosmetics brand introduced its Mya recruiting chatbot in 2018 to aid candidate screening. This allowed the company to acquire more information about applicants and reduce the time spent on hiring efforts. The tool helps L’Oreal better process the 1 million job seekers annually.

L’Oreal has experienced drastic changes since the introduction of the solution. It saves about $250,000 in recruiter wages and reduces the average time on applicants by 40 minutes. Thanks to Mya, the company drastically decreased unconscious bias and introduced its history's most diverse group of interns.

  1. Stanford Health Care

This healthcare provider introduced a chatbot to automate applicant screening and scheduling. Stanford Healthcare’s ultimate goal was to simplify the candidate journey and allow individuals to access the chatbot from desktops and smart devices. The application answers frequently asked questions and passes applicant data to the CRM.

After introducing the product, the organization saw 250,000 interactions in the first six months. Its hiring chatbot drove over 11,000 candidate leads, 35,000 unique visits, and 12,000 applications during this period. The organization also reduced the number of support tickets related to recruitment issues by 90%.


We know about these developments firsthand, as our developers helped several clients streamline their HR needs with innovative workforce management and staff training tools. If you wish to learn more about workflow automation in this environment or think about developing a similar solution, we’re always ready for a consultation.

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