October 12, 2023

How To Choose The Right AI App Development Company

How To Find The Right AI App Development Company

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

The latest advances in artificial intelligence have found many practical applications across all industries. Thanks to the power of machine learning, software solutions automate processes that previously relied on human input. Sophisticated AI software development helps companies organize employee onboarding, customer communication, marketing, and other processes more efficiently.

Unlike Google, Microsoft, and Tesla, smaller-scale businesses can’t afford to run an in-house developer staff. This pushes many American companies to seek outside help from IT software development firms specializing in artificial intelligence. This article will help you find a service provider that understands your vision and bring it to life.

Evaluate The Current Situation

Many businesses seek AI integration without fully understanding what they need it for. This leads to adopting solutions with little to no impact on daily operations or unfeasible project budgets. That’s why it’s essential to critically assess the company’s current state of things. This process can be divided into several steps:

  1. Take stock of current company solutions. Gather information on all processes involved in business operations. Pay close attention to logistics, marketing, customer relations, human resources, and client information gathering. 
  2. Assess their efficiency. In many cases, custom application development from the ground up is unnecessary, and it’s enough to enhance an existing solution with a bit of API integration. Before you act, ask employees and clients about their experience with your web or mobile apps, and focus on areas that need improvement.
  3. Do the research. Once you have established gaps in software solutions, take the time to find out how technology can improve each of them. This way, it will be easier to discuss project details with AI software development professionals and be on the same page.

This stage may seem tedious, but it is vital for app production. It lets companies avoid miscommunication with potential developers and get their hands on finished solutions faster. Now that you have identified requirements and expectations let’s discuss the characteristics you should look for in a development company.

Features Of A Professional AI Software Development Firm

All software solution providers have their methods for delivering AI and ML products. With that said, there are six critical areas where they should meet the highest industry standards. Here, we’ll talk at length about each of them.

Latest Technical Expertise

Making AI products is a delicate and complicated process requiring finesse and technical knowledge. There should be enough programmers with an intricate understanding of artificial intelligence components, which requires:

  • Versatility in programming languages. Check if the employees of an AI app development company have experience in Java, Python, and R. The second entry in this list allows the creation of versatile and extensive libraries required for AI solution development.
  • Solid understanding of ML and DL. Sophisticated AI products rely on ML techniques that teach them to collect, process, and use data. This involves classification, clustering, regression, and reinforced learning. When contacting a representative, ask for the firm’s experience with PyTorch, TensorFlow, and other frameworks.
  • Deep understanding of data analytics and manipulation. A good IT software developer uses libraries like NumPy and Pandas. They allow AI products to clean, transform, and prepare data for further analysis.
  • Adaptability. A great developer doesn’t work with only one type of AI product. Their staff should be versatile enough to handle different projects, including AI assistants, chatbots, conversational solutions, and ChatGPT integration products.

Most of this information can be found on company pages. If available, ask for it directly. The firm might not have the time to list all of its technical expertise information, so you can potentially miss out on an opportunity to work with truly experienced people. Likewise, if they give vague answers, you might have dodged a bullet.

Good Communication Skills

Everybody has to be on the same page to finish a project successfully. Regarding AI product development, miscommunication often leads to overextended budgets and deadlines. When looking for a firm, ask how quickly it handles client communication during different stages. Check how frequent its project updates are and the level of client involvement.

Ideally, a developer should conduct weekly update meetings and send timely reports about what was done during a particular period. This way, you see where your time and money goes. If there’s no information about this aspect, cross the company out from your list, as it’s most likely untrustworthy.

Latest Security Protocols

Current-day challenges make security a top priority for many businesses. With hackers developing new ways of getting into apps and stealing sensitive information, AI solutions should be impenetrable to external threats. Thus, the custom application development provider must follow the latest security trends and practices.

When browsing companies, look for the ones compliant with CCPA & GDPR protocols. Their products must come with communication encryption, ensuring that none of your client or internal information gets out. Customers must feel safe and secure regarding their data to continue doing business with your company.

Clear Contract Terms And Pricing

Many small-scale businesses work with a tight budget regarding AI software development. They need to clearly understand how much each application will cost them to avoid exceeding their finances. Ask each candidate for a price list and contract details. This way, it’s easier to pinpoint the firm that best suits your budget.

Sometimes, an AI app development company can’t finish the project for several reasons. Ensure that it has clear canceling and refund policies for such situations. Study them carefully and see under which circumstances it’s possible to abandon the project or request your money back. It should be listed in the Terms and Conditions document.

Ideally, a company accommodates your budget and time constraints when developing and deploying AI products. Of course, these conditions must be reasonably based on the proposed features and their complexity. Find a provider willing to iron out these details before beginning their work.

Post-Release Support

Some custom application development firms think their job ends once clients get their hands on the final product. They don’t bother providing post-release support, which leads to many problems along the way. 

  1. Companies have to hire maintenance agents to keep the solutions up and running.
  2. They don’t always have all of the project documentation.
  3. More work is involved with software updates and adding new features.

That’s why firms with long-term post-release support should be on top of your list. When interacting with a provider, ask if they offer maintenance, troubleshooting, and updating services. A dedicated support team ensures that the AI solutions perform well and adapt to any changes in business operations.

Great Reviews

After you’ve talked to some of the companies you narrowed down, it’s time to see what others say about them. Check out customer reviews and ratings, as they often provide a more nuanced picture of an IT software development company. Learning about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular candidate forms a more well-rounded opinion about them.

Pay close attention to how the firm handles the development process, communication, and customer relations. This information leads to more informed decisions and helps you avoid working with shady firms.

How Springs Can Help You Out

At Springs, we understand that our clients are looking for quality, and that’s what they get. You don’t have to take our word for it, as our client testimonials speak for themselves. We have almost a decade of programming experience with over a hundred successfully delivered products.

Some of Spring’s prominent clients include Aviation Heaven, Telefonica, and AutoKlose. Our deep expertise and artificial intelligence knowledge earned us many international awards. Book a free consultation with one of our experts today. We’re sure they’ll help you get the desired result.

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