December 6, 2023

How to Find Dart/Flutter Developer

Need to create a Flutter app? Learn how to find the best developers efficiently.

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

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Dart is a client-optimized programming language for the creation of an efficient and more flexible user interface. The main one of Dart language advantages is that it’s suitable for multiple platforms including mobile (Android and iOS).

This developmental project of Google is used to design a myriad of desktop, mobile, web, and other backend-related applications. It connects through JavaScript as a C-style syntax language that is also class-defined and object-oriented.

Like any other language, the UI toolkit Dart Flutter demands some time from a programmer to master it. That’s why to avoid technical fixes later you need to ensure that your potential developer has not just theoretical knowledge but also practical experience. Then he or she actually has the appropriate expertise to perform the job efficiently and provide quality results.

Despite the plurality of choices it’s not always as easy to find Flutter development team that’ll be able to meet all requirements defined by the project. However, the task can become simpler if you apply the following tips to your selection process.

Why use Dart Programming Language

Any new challenge in any undertaking can make questionable things that seemed decided once and for all. The choice of Dart for web development can make that list if you won’t be able to fill in the open vacancy in the set terms. But in this case, you should foremost change the approach to recruitment since Dart language benefits are convincing enough to disregard them at the first rough spot.

Support system. It has a strong support system with advanced tools and an information channel for the guidance of the whole development process.

Simplified workflow. Dart for developers is a time-saver since they can complete various project tasks easier. The language initial purpose is to make programming less hectic and complicated.

Stability and speed. Dart apps are stable and smooth in running for real-time applications. Providing users with different features and an amazing user-interface, Dart SDK Flutter is making a real competition to React Native in cross-platform development.

Besides, Flutter despite its relative novelty is already recommended itself as the optimal choice for startup projects.

Where to look for Dart/Flutter developers

The search should start from the definition of your needs. Otherwise, to find a professional who will be able to fulfill them will demand more time and expenses.

  • Are you looking for a developer or a team?
  • Part- or full-time? Or just for a project?
  • In-house or remote?

All of these options have pros and cons that reflect on the budget, management and the entire development process. That’s why you should weigh in them before assigning this task to your HR or order services from a recruiting agency or head hunters.

Any recruiting process should start with a job post to provide a path for potential employees since to go through all the available profiles is impossible. Don’t stop on posting it inyour website Jobs section though.

Use hiring platforms like Indeed and Upwork, social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook. You can also promote the vacancy on your personal account - the more you spread the word, the more odds to attract the right developer.

Once that’s done, proceed to quarrying the Internet. Depending on your requirements recruiters should examine this time by themselves freelance platforms, social networks, etc. to detect available developers to get in touch with those who pass the initial screening.

They can also search for a Flutter development company who provide outstaffing and outsourcing services worldwide. This option can cut down operational and management expenses. On B2B platforms like Clutch, you can find ranks and reviews for such agencies.

What to ask to get the best candidate

Once the choice is narrowed down to a few candidates the next question is how to define which of them will be the perfect fit for your team and be able to integrate into it quickly. The right person should have soft and technical skills on the appropriate level and it should be clear enough after an interview.

The best way to accomplish that is to prepare the script your HR should follow to be able to find out the required information about the candidate even without deep technical knowledge. But for the better result, it’s important to involve PM or CTO not just for evaluation of developer expertise but also for considering it as a potential team member.

There are a number of basic questions every interview for a Flutter or Dart developer position should include. Let’s go over them to know what answers should be expected and how to quantify them.

Why did you go into mobile/web development?

Seems like a trivial question but it’s a proven measurer of the candidate’s attitude and enthusiasm. A creator always needs passion. A reliable executer - motivation. That’s why one’s story can’t be just about money or parents’ expectation. Evaluations from the previous employment will help the picture more clearly and no less about the person’s integrity.

What experience of using Dart do you have?

Hiring a novice when your project deadlines don’t give time for staff training is a risk. You should be confident that your employees know exactly what they are doing and are able to maintain their workflow tasks independently. Many developers learn new technologies easily but actual experience raises their job quality initially. That’s why ensure that Flutter app development experience is present.

Do you have proof of your skills and/or expertise?

There’s no need to rely just on a candidate’s words. You can set up a test, ask for the portfolio, code examples, GitHub access or certificates proving the completed training programs. In other words, visual acknowledgment of a developer’s qualification to know what level of performance you can expect. Just ensure that all presented materials belong to an applicant.

Do you follow all coding guidelines and protocols?

This is an important factor. Especially creative minds can be not much respectful to the established regulations. For a project, it can result in additional expenses which is a sensitive subject, especially for startups. Ensure that a candidate is familiar with the basics and in some cases is ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

What are your strengths and weaknesses as a developer?

The ability to evaluate own skills and performance objectively is a mark of a future pro. The actions for turning a weakness into advantages is a sign of a pro. Though always something should’ve been learned yesterday don’t roll out the applicants who need some time to reveal their full potential. It will pay off in the long-running.

Ask for definitions and explanations

When you hire Flutter developers in Ukraine or anywhere else, their expertise must extend simply coding on the certain programming language. The potential developer should have an understanding of its specifics like Dart-JavaScript compilation in order to effectively carry out assigned tasks. Just remember you’re looking not for a know-it-all who memorized the theoretical part before the interview but for an expert who learned for years through research and practice.

What other platforms, stacks, framework, SDKs do you work with?

Although they say that the focus is key to success in the IT world the knowledge diversity is an advantage. The fact that a potential employee is able to provide support on the unrelated to vacancy tasks can be a deciding factor, especially for small business. But you should ensure that an applicant considers the chosen position seriously and not just a stepping point for another.

Surely, in most situations, you need a developer on an urgent basis. But it is still critical that you take time to focus on the recruitment process. You should know who you're hiring. Otherwise, it can cost you a lot and affect many aspects of your business including substantial ones.

To narrow down your search you can initially decide for local talents or consider countries with the developed IT scope. For instance, Flutter development in Ukraine is another branch of the field that continues its growth in scales and levels. It made its representatives ones of the leading pros worldwide.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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