December 7, 2023

Progressive Web App Cost

Progressive web apps are always presented as a much more optimal solution for online stores than native apps especially cost wise. Let’s explore if it’s not just a marketing positioning.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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2015: Google is introducing the way to box up a website in a Home Screen app avoiding typical mobile application development. Shortening the implementation process without losing the benefits of usage of the mobile marketing channel opened new opportunities for business.

Providing experience for users of Android and Apple devices is already a non-optional clause on the success checklist for scopes like retail, media, hospitality, etc. Considering that the amount of mobile traffic raises every year it’s possible that for these fields smartphone and tablet owners are becoming the priority customer group.

Besides development simplicity progressive web apps advantages include: Performance

The basic feature that allowed technology to start a competition with regular mobile applications. Unlike websites optimized for small personal devices that still can’t quite handle such a fierce battle, they ensure instant loading of all UI elements and pages in general.


The technology releases users from the necessity to stay online with the stable and high-speed network allowing access whole website content through a cache-based algorithm. It also ensures the appropriate security level for users.


PWA excludes from the deal agents like Apple and Google Store allowing app installation directly from a website. This way it hits two challenges of the modern mobile market: regulations of distribution platforms as well as passivity and wariness of customers.

PWA advantages


Establishing eye contact between brands and clients it’s an efficient way to start building long beneficial relationships. With mobile devices and people's attachment to them, it’s enough to put a logo on Home Screen to go that way. Thanks to PWA it can be done with one click.


Technology specifics and mentioned-above pros contribute to improving SEO rankings. Though it was stated that PWA doesn’t give any advantages for the matter the experience of digital marketers shows that improvement of performance-depended metrics positively affects it.

If getting back to progressive web apps development its ease is partly based on the availability of specialized patterns that can be applied to a website without significant and pricey changes.

Build PWA with templates: how and why

To be clear by templates here meant solutions that can be connected to existing websites and instantly give access to all technology benefits. The best example of such a transformation tool is a PWA storefront for an online marketplace.

Springs team developed a progressive storefront itself so let’s take it as an investigation subject to find out how a website becomes PWA with it and what advantages of such an approach in comparison to implementation from scratch.

If shortly, Progresify is PWA for eCommerce. It’s a cloud-based solution that can be easily connected through API to the most popular CMS including open-source like Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc. to deliver a native mobile experience for online store customers.

Progresify: how it wokrs

The main pro for opting for a ready solution is that all listed-below aspects that should be taken care of during the upgrade are considered and realized leaving less range for fixes, bugs, and delays.

User Interface

In this case, using a pattern doesn’t imply the loss of a custom look, navigation, and content delivery. Progresify approach allows implementing unique design and features to ensure your brand individuality.

User Experience

To provide performance expected by customers namely smooth scrolling and exploration disregarding network conditions PWA should be done without a hitch. With a template, you can shorten the testing time by simply evaluating a demo.


Considering Javascript core of PWA initially it has indexation issues that can be resolved with server-side rendering. The storefront saves time on such tunings since SSR is already implemented within it.


The basic PWA feature whether it's for Android or iOS is ensured by hosting the solution scalable containerized infrastructure. In other words, it’s much easier to handle even big amounts of traffic since it doesn’t depend on the backend state.

The focus of Progresify and similar solutions on online retail isn’t a long shot for tomorrow. This business sector was one of the first who saw the technology potential to drive the digital transformation of the whole retail scope.

PWA in eCommerce

Progressive web apps became a novelty booster of customer engagement that native mobile apps couldn’t bring on the required level. With the market development and its outbreaking overload, a process of downloading an application on a smartphone or tablet started to appear as less straightforward, quick, secure and necessary.

The raising network speed and content size in combination with limitations for device memory significantly diminished the number of mobile app users. Considering the required funding for application development for scopes besides IT such contributions became too risky.

Progressive web apps cost, as well as size, is much lower. Giving that they came with all basic native app features like push notifications on Android and potentially on iOS for online marketplace PWA is a much more relevant choice.

PWA benefits for eCommerce

The main challenge is to provide a smooth path from exploration to checkout that the technology handles perfectly without bringing in extra complications. Such world-known enterprises like Flipkart and Jumia that operate in the markets with low-quality networks were able to improve their mobile conversions and revenue thanks to progressive web apps offline performance and instant interaction disregarding external aspects.

Considering omnichannel trends in the scope PWA remains a fitting choice since recently Google announced desktop progressive web apps making a solution truly multi-platform. It gives the ability to cover, guide and support the whole target audience.

Approximate costs to create PWA with Springs

To not leave statements about attractive price/quality ratio PWA has let’s talk numbers. Springs as a progressive web apps development company and a strong player on the market offers an approximate quote for Progresify for review and analysis.

Progresify quote

You can also request custom pricing for your project.

With progressive web apps eCommerce, hospitality and other online business scopes got a new approach to a proven way for engaging customers. Companies got an efficient remedy to resolve difficulties on the users' side making the connection with them even more lasting.

The availability of ready templates minimizing the difficulty of prior research concerning technical aspects and further recruiting. The multi-platform nature of the technology also contributes to that as well as to the optimization of marketing expenses.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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