January 14, 2024

Top 15 Software Development Companies In Europe For Outsourcing

Explore the best IT outsourcing companies in Europe that help scale your business and make your own software products.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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Whether it’s a startup that doesn't have enough technical expertise or a company in need of introducing AI into their online platforms, getting into software development can be challenging. Local programmers are most likely taken by larger organizations, not leaving enough experts for smaller businesses.

A lack of domestic talent has companies looking for outsourcing in Eastern Europe for many reasons. Our article covers the main factors for working with firms in this region and the top providers of these services.

Main Reasons To Work With European Developers

Organizations and software developers seek assistance from European experts due to several factors:

  1. Affordable rates. Software development companies in Europe offer lower prices for their services than US and Canadian firms. On average, the hourly price of hiring a software engineer in Eastern Europe ranges between $21 to $108.
  2. Big talent pool. Europe has over a million engineers specializing in different programming areas. They are proficient in languages, architectures, and advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and their subcategories.
  3. English proficiency. Many software developers in Eastern Europe work with international clients and train their employees to speak English fluently. Most developers easily communicate with potential clients and understand their project needs.
  4. High-security measures. Programming service providers in Eastern and Central Europe work under NDAs and security protocols such as GDPR. This way, client information stays private and safe while project details remain sealed.

What to consider while working with a custom software development company from Europe

Any new project is a challenge when you do it for the first time or with a new vendor. However, paying attention to the specific details will give you a good possibility to choose the software outsourcing firm in Europe that will fit your needs and requirements. Let’s dive deeper into the tips to consider while working with a European IT company.

  • Team. People are the core of any business and while working with IT outsourcing companies in Europe it is crucial to cooperate with high-skilled professionals who will be fully interested in your business success and project delivered, and not just excited to earn quick money.
  • Expertise and portfolio. The second important point to look for - the company’s expertise and the set of projects delivered. While working with the firms providing software developer services Europe, pay attention to the relevant case studies and projects they delivered: try to find the agencies that have already developed similar projects to yours. In this way, you may save plenty of time and money.
  • Development Approach. We strongly recommend choosing companies with a custom approach to building products. This point shows that this particular software agency Europe has already developed many projects and knows the best way to discover, design, deploy, and maintain the software product.
  • Technical Expertise. Assess the company's technical capabilities, including proficiency in relevant programming languages, frameworks, and technologies. Make sure this company is proficient in the technologies they are talking about.
  • Cultural Fit. Consider cultural factors such as time zone differences, working hours, and business practices. Choose a company that aligns with your cultural values and communication preferences to facilitate smooth collaboration and understanding.
  • Cost and Budget. The final point to consider is the budget for your project and the company’s offer. Beware of overly cheap offers, as they may compromise quality or result in hidden costs down the line. Try to find a company that will show you how they calculate project costs and how the estimation is prepared.

Overall, by considering at least the majority of the points above, you can select a reliable software outsourcing firm in Europe that meets your specific requirements and contributes to the success of your project.

Top 15 European Software Development Companies

  1. Springs

Springs is a software development company in Europe whose operations almost entirely revolve around artificial intelligence and machine learning. Springs has a proven 10-year record on the market and over 150 projects delivered in healthcare, aviation, IoT, education, HR, eCommerce, and many other industries. The company has received multiple Clutch awards as Top software outsourcing firm in Europe and Top outsourcing companies in Europe.Springs provides custom development services to different companies and startups, regardless of size and location. This company represents enterprise software development Europe market and stands as a software engineering services supplier Europe. The main expertise fields of Springs team are:

The core industries Springs works with are:

Springs experts stay tuned on all the trends and updates regarding Europe custom software development and software developer services Europe. Springs’ engineers use the latest AI/ML technologies and tailored approach in building products for startups as well as for medium-sized or large companies.Springs company provides free technical consultation before starting any cooperation so you may get in touch and get a piece of advice on your particular business case. 

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  1. Software Mind

The history of this Polish company dates back to 1999. Over 25 years, Software Mind has established itself as one of Europe’s top programming providers. With offices in Poland, the UK, and the US, it caters to e-commerce, healthcare, and finance sectors. Its professionals work with such technologies as:

  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Blockchain.
  • IoT.

The company offers comprehensive software development in Europe through a sizable programming staff. It handles all areas of this process, from UI/UX design to making automatic quality tests and delivering AI-enhanced software tools.

  1. Sigma Software

One of the many Ukrainian companies on this list, Sigma Software, operates from Lviv. Since its founding in 2002, its staff has increased to over 2,000 programmers. Sigma Software currently has more than five offices in Poland and Ukraine. It specializes in big data consulting, AR/VR development, and mobile app programming with customers in the financial, advertising, and automotive sectors.

  1. Netguru

Organizations needing software development contact the offices of this Polish company in the US, the UK, and Germany. Netguru works with a considerable staff, including more than 800 software engineers. The company offers its expertise in the following programming fields to enterprises and startups:

  • Product design.
  • Web development.
  • Mobile development.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Artificial intelligence.
  • Machine learning.

Netguru worked on projects for IKEA, UBS, Skyscanner, and Volkswagen. The firm works with finance, healthcare, education, and green tech clients. Clutch often praises the company as one of the most innovative firms with a forward-thinking development strategy.

  1. N-iX

Regarding well-established outsourced developers, practically nobody can compete with the versatility and scale of N-iX. The Ukrainian company has offices in the US, Sweden, Germany, Malta, Bulgaria, and Poland, totaling more than 1,500 experts. It covers all sorts of developing activities, including:

  • Quality assurance and testing.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Data science.
  • DevOps.

N-iX professionals also use advanced IoT, AI, ML, and blockchain technologies. These innovations help them successfully cater to all types of businesses, such as healthcare, media, gaming, energy, and education.

  1. IBA Group

This developer is one of the oldest software developers in Eastern Europe on this list, with over 31 years of experience. IBA Group hails from the Czech Republic, with programming centers in Bulgaria, Slovakia, and Ukraine. In addition to development services, IBA Group experts handle IT service management, cloud computing, and mobile app creation. Some of its biggest clients are:

  • Coca-Cola.
  • McBride.
  • Panasonic.
  • T-Mobile.

On a broader scale, the company provides services for manufacturing, transport & logistics, telecom, oil & gas, and finance & banking companies. IBA Group has one of the largest portfolios in the industry, with over 2,000 delivered projects.

  1. Infopulse

One of Ukraine’s oldest software firms, Infopulse, dates back to 1991. Like N-iX, the company has offices and departments worldwide, allowing everybody interested in outsourcing in Eastern Europe to get software solutions and easy access to their services. The company develops solutions for:

  • Anomaly detection.
  • Digital workplace.
  • Document management.
  • Inventory price forecasting.
  • Legacy software modernization.

Infopulse’s vast staff of 2,300 professionals offer their services to financial, retail, telecom, and banking clients. The software developer works with DevOps, Cloud tech, machine learning, and other technologies.

  1. MentorMate

This company was established in Bulgaria in 2001 and mainly provides services for fintech, education, healthcare, and manufacturing sectors. MentorMate primarily includes software development in Europe for middle-sized businesses and enterprises. It specializes in UI/UX design and web and mobile app development.MentorMate’s specialists handle all parts of the development process, such as architecture, design, and QA. More than 40% of the company’s clients come from the healthcare industry. It made software solutions for such companies as Jostens, SafetyNet, AstraZeneca, and Societe Generale Group.

  1. Lohika

Lohika is a Ukrainian-based software developer that was established in 2001. The company offers services on cloud consulting, mobile apps, blockchain development, and IoT product creation. Lohika works with security, automotive, logistics, and manufacturing clients.It’s one of the most popular software development companies in Europe, with over 100 customers, including Skype, Coinbase, Tenfold, Instart Logic, and Twilio. This firm helps make software tests and works on architecture and design, infrastructure engineering, programming, and ongoing support.

  1. Grid Dynamics

The company that has been around for the past 18 years boasts more than 3,000 experts. Grid Dynamics offices are in Moldova, Romania, Ukraine, and Poland. This developer offers services in application testing, e-commerce solutions, web development, and cybersecurity. Its main clients come from marketing and advertising companies. However, the company also offers services in the financial, healthcare, retail, and digital commerce industries. Grid Dynamic’s most prominent customers are Macy’s, Google, Apple, and Marsh McLennan.

  1. ELEKS

ELEKS is a software development and consultancy firm with more than 2,000 employees. The company offers extensive knowledge of different types of technology and industries. Since its founding at the dawn of Ukraine’s independence, ELEKS established offices in Estonia, Germany, the UK, and The US. The company offers expertise in:

  • IoT.
  • DevOps.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Quality assurance.
  • Big data and analytics.
  • Mobile and web app development.

The company is one of the few software developers in Eastern Europe with a 50% retail and financial industry client base. ELEKS works with many Fortune 500 organizations. Its robust approach earned the company many rewards and merits from Clutch on multiple occasions.

  1. Ciklum

Ciklum is gigantic in scope, even compared to other entries on this list. The company has a substantial 5,000-strong staff, allowing it to handle various programming-related projects. Its team is scattered around the globe, with offices in Ukraine, Belarus, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Sweden, and the UAE. Its professionals work on web and app development, data science, machine learning, cloud computing, cyber security, VR/AR, and other high-end technologies. In the past, Ciklum received high praise from its clients and industry professionals. The company develops products for retail, IT, and financial companies.

  1. Endava

This is one of the most prominent players that offer outsourcing in Eastern Europe, with more than 4,800 developers working on its staff. These professionals are located in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Romania. Endava has over 20 years of working on developing IT strategies, custom software development, and upgrading enterprise apps. It primarily works with media, transportation, telecom, and financial services companies.

  1. Arnia Software

This Romania-based software development company was established in 2006. Since that time, its staff has increased to over 500 engineers. Arnia Software boasts an extensive client portfolio, with some appearing on the lists of Forbes 50 and Fortune 500 companies. The firm handles all kinds of frameworks, platforms, and applications. These include:

  • UI/UX Design.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Database management systems.
  • Cloud solutions.
  • E-Commerce products.

This diversified approach made Arnia Software highly valuable in fintech, healthcare, e-commerce, and telecommunications. The company provided software development in Europe for consumer electronics manufacturers Bosch and LG.

  1. Andersen

The software development company opened its doors in 2007. Its staff has 3,400 professionals working on mobile and software development, UI/UX design, and application testing. Andersen specializes in helping e-commerce, logistics, fintech, and healthcare companies. Its developers previously worked with Mercedes-Benz, Samsung, and MediaMarkt.

Final Thoughts

The European continent has many great outsourcing options for organizations seeking affordable and reliable developers. Carefully choose providers based on their portfolio, proficiency, and price offers to find the ones that will best match your project goals.

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