December 8, 2023

How Much Web Development Cost

You might have an amazing idea and you can wait to implement it until some realist comes to you and says do you know how much it’s gonna cost?

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

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If it’s your first website development even through market research can’t give the accurate answer to the question. Moreover, the prices can astonish and make you wonder what such a significant web development project cost is. Especially when you’ve seen offers lower for similar projects.

The last point is the misassumptions that crashes the expectation of many non-tech startups and even experienced market players. Any project is unique so even if you desire to build a marketplace like eBay or an app like Uber you won’t entirely match the original neither on the requirements nor and ergo on the quotation.

There are too many factors, some of which are initially inevident, that define website development cost. In the range from approaches to deadlines lies diverse aspects to determine, implement or follow. Let’s review what is behind every zero you can find in the approximate or final price estimation.

How to estimate web development cost

Any projects can be divided into three scopes: concept, its implementation and assigned for its executives. Each of them makes a contribution to the web design and development cost.

Concept: The idea initially outlines the project complexity, its vision, design, functionality and device compatibility. The current business situation defines budget, deadlines, schedule and their flexibility that partly or fully can affect non-organizational processes.

Implementation: The selected approach allows choosing the technology stack that in its order marks up development duration, required resources, possible risks, etc. Since technology suitability doesn’t equal implementation simplicity it demands vast expertise.

Executives: Labor costs money, time, health, etc.. Their value is defined by the professional level, current worker availability, employment and collaboration conditions, etc. That’s why there is such a wide range of rates is available whether you want to hire a freelancer/s or an in-house or remote team from the agency.

That’s why it’s important to set priorities and find a balance between all three segments to ensure that the product will fulfill your, users and market needs.

How to calculate web development cost

Not to be so abstract let’s uncover what aspects will make you start giving out cash on one or a regular basis depending on the options that you’ll choose starting with non-optional ones.

Domain name

Price: from $10 per year

Any novelty appearance can’t be acknowledged if it doesn’t have a name. While its creation is commonly a one-time event its ownership requires leastways small annual investments.

Basic security

Price: up to $1,500

SSL certificate allows establishment constant protection of the sensitive data transfer during your website operations to start building its image of reliability.

Web hosting

Price: from $24 per year

Server choice defines the website access simplicity aspects including the loading speed. Any web page operation is basically constant interaction between the server and client sides.

All the following preparation aspects are much more variable in price and implementation time and ergo strongly dependent on the project and its chosen contractor, its performance quality and rates.

UI/UX design

Price: from $15 per hour

To ensure that you have a fast user-friendly interface across all the required devices or proceed to mobile optimization or PWA creation you should opt for a fitting web design approach.

Website content

Price: from $0.1 per word

Whatever the site purpose is it requires text content to provide users with guidelines and ensure higher SEO rankings. The price for multimedia depends on the form and creation duration.

Web page quantity

Price: from $50 per page

Depending on its complexity each element of the structure may differ in web page development cost the total amount of which is defined by their number.

Understandably any specific functionality required for custom solutions like CRM, ERP, CMS, is another clause on the list of expenses. eCommerce web development cost also differs from standard pricing. As well the complete website maintenance after the completion.

Their price can reach half of the full product development and may require additional talent acquisition. However, if you have a reliable tech partner that’s all can be built in the stipulated long-term agreement.

Website development approaches

There are three possible ways to implement a website that does or doesn’t require additional help.

Web-builder. Straightforward site constructor that allows creating simple DIY websites for the minimum price ($500 or more).

Templates. CMS platforms like Wordpress for the creation of customizable websites of different complexity that differ in the necessity of professional help. Approx. 4 times more expensive.

Custom. From-scratch website building that allows implementing the diverse functionality including advanced features. The price of a pro-development starts at $8000.

Web development product types

There are several types of web solutions that vary in complexity and purpose.

  • Website - a combination of web pages put together according to some structure.
  • Application - an online solution to provide certain services or automate some processes.
  • Marketplace - an online platform for selling or purchasing goods and services.
  • Landing page - a single web page usually created for purposes of marketing campaigns.
  • Web portal - a special website to provide certain information from various sources.

Web app development cost estimation as for any other type has specifics concerning features and functionality.

Web development step by step

Now that you have the vision of your options, you should make at least a draft of your requirements to be able to find the best developers for the implementation of your original concept. The whole process consists of independent consistent stages.

Discovery phase to determine the project requirement and goals fully for the start.

Development to implement the concept within the set requirements.

  • Backend - a part of a web solution stored on a server including databases.
  • Frontend - a visible side of the application open for user interactions.
  • Project management to ensure the efficiency and conformity of the implementation.
  • QA or quality assurance to test and fix the product before the roll-out to the public.
  • Launch to give access to the product to customers or employees.
  • Support to ensure proper maintenance and regular updates.

The complete project price is dependent on the approach (MVP, prototype, full, update, etc.) its size, grade, and complexity. Other basic clauses are the payment rates of the required specialists: developers, QA. project managers, consultants or even CTO.

According to PayScale web development in Ukraine, the high level of which service providers have been proven is the most affordable option. While in leading Northern American and Western Europe countries the pricing can start from $4000-5000 and exceed $35000 the cost for similar projects in Ukraine can be at least 10 times smaller.

What to consider

When you look for a contractor for a one-time project or a tech partner for long-term cooperation, it's important to remember that price and quality levels don’t always correlate. That’s why always perform a proper evaluation of candidates.

Another thing to keep in mind that you should always outline the rigor of your budget that web application development cost should fit in. and choose the appropriate payment pattern (Fixed price or Time and Material) to avoid high unexpected expenses that are common for custom development.

You don’t have to put in excessive effort in the calculation of web development cost by yourself. Better dedicate enough time to form a short-list of candidates you can contact and receive at first approximate and once chosen detailed quotation.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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