December 8, 2023

Why Build Custom CRM

According to Hubspot 13% of enterprises definitely add investments in CRM to their annual budgets since they consider them as top priorities for sales needs.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

Sales as the majority of business aspects need process automation to improve its efficiency and raise workforce productivity. Customer relationship management became the required digital transformation solution to stimulate further field progress.

Since the first emergence of the concept in the 70s multiple ready CRM software development was accomplished to be adopted by the companies of various sizes, industries, and goals. But as for other solutions optimized for average users, the question arises if it can really fit in your company ecosystem.

What’s CRM and why do you need it

Any customer relationship management system is a digitally implemented approach for the maintenance of the interaction and its progress with potential and existing customers to ensure long-term engagement and appropriate retention level by fully and timely satisfying their needs.

Modern conditions of sales and marketing scopes don’t allow waiting when the needs for your services or products will appear. And at the same time, the audience has never been so resistant to the commonly used techniques and even behind a custom approach they can see a sales offer.

That’s why you can’t build an efficient CRM development process relying just on reputation and accomplishments. You need a structured system to store, manage and maintain the network of promising leads and prospects, ongoing negotiations or contracts and connections with clients from the previous partnerships.

The main reason is why you need a custom relationship management solution is if you realize that you can handle the flow and establish the optimal workflow or improve the existing one according to new conditions. Although it requires quite significant expenses quality CRM can ensure ROI of $2.50 to $5.60 for every invested bucks.

There are three basic types of CRM you can find on the market:

Operational. Automation of sales and marketing routine tasks.

Analytical. Optimization of the sales funnel management from acquisition to retention.

Collaborative. Maintenance of the omnichannel strategy for customer interaction tracking.

There are available also more complex systems like ERP that combine the functionality of several types and, of course, properly completed management system. As you see the primary goal of CRM workflow development is as well as the improvement through business process automation to raise its efficiency.

Despite the availability of such global influential players on the market like Salesforce and Microsoft and their customizable CRM solutions it doesn’t make any of them 100-percent optimal choice for all companies even of the same scope.

Adjusting management systems for your needs is not as simple as you might think. So besides adding another challenge to the must-do list you still won’t possibly get what you need. This way you’ll not optimize the workflow but add extra complications on a subscription basis.

To meet all the requirements without compromises you should take a truly custom approach.

Custom CRM: dispelling doubts

Considering that automation solutions are often already needed now or even better yesterday, many companies don’t even consider custom CRM development. And even the ones who do think about are often stopped on a half-way by the additional efforts that this option demands.

But the following vision of these complications can change the situation around.

Finding a reliable tech partner

If it’s only the first step on enterprise digital transformation path you might not have a trustworthy professional contractor or an individual to implement your projects. You have two options here building an in-house team or outsource tasks to local or international agencies/freelancers.

Although yes it demands time and other resources to perform thorough research, run interviews and meetings that will pay off in the future. Multiple platforms and networking can help to find the specialist with high and vast expertise including in CRM app development

Solution concept definition

You know what you want but you can’t quite formulate the clear requirements to present an actual CRM development plan to the chosen team. But actually, you can seek help from it. Many agencies like Springs offer a so-called discovery phase to help business owners to walk the path from the idea to concept.

Additionally, you get consultancy on the selection of tech stack, CRM product development, etc. and receive an outline of the project including its design if it’s not available. Since in the phase are involved some of the team members that are interested in success as you are you receive actually helpful suggestions.

Development time and budget

Evidently, from-scratch implementation takes much more time and financial resources. Since they are crucial for the SME sector its reps usually decline this option as soon as it comes up. But their judgment is usually based on the stereotypes instead of facts.

Custom CRM development cost depends on the project complexity, deadlines, and contractor’s rates. The globality of the IT scope gives a wide range of choices of affordable options without having to sacrifice the quality, For instance, in the East European market.

To make a solid decision about these factors you should add a scrupulous review of the option itself. To choose a cost-efficient solution for your situation you should weigh out the pros and cons looking from the angle of your company peculiarities and challenges you plan to resolve using it.

Сustom CRM advantages

Review what facts and features you can benefit from if you decide that you aren’t satisfied with available on the market custom relationship management systems.


Tailor-made solutions, as well as suits, are fit much better. Basing the solution concept on the dedicated sales process structure and specifics, company type and status you initially avoid paying for features that aren’t necessary for your needs.

With the analysis of common challenges concerning adoption, usage, and optimization of CRM systems you can actually come up with the best option for your business with the appropriate level of scalability to maintain and improve your sales pipeline.


You can’t predict all needs when your company growth process is still going or ahead. Jumping between subscription plans and ready solutions to fit the requirements of a constantly changing environment making impossible to come up with at least a basic workflow framework.

Custom development of CRM can ensure the required scalability and feature flexibility to avoid drastic process changes when the solution will need an update to conform to the new requirements. With quality software implementation, novelties can be easily and seamlessly integrated.


You won’t likely stop on bringing automation software to your business on CRM or already have multiple connected solutions that define the company workflow. Either way, you need a unit that will perfectly pass to others to be able to function as a single system.

If you aren’t satisfied with the offer of the MS from the SaaS provider you use services from, the choice for a replacement can be challenging. Custom development can provide the product that can be fully integrated without any compromises on features,


When you choose the ready solution you have to deal with the in-box security level that can’t be unacceptable. Depending on your goals it can easily diminish the benefits concerning other aspects and leave no optimal variants.

Custom software can be graded and developed to conform to the security level dictated by company politics and international standards. The data can be stored on the chosen server that only you have access to that initially minimizes risks associated with the usage of any account-based solutions.

What to think about before ordering a custom CRM

Take a hard look at your current operations of sales and marketing departments to define weak spots you hope to fix with the digital approach. As a result, you should have an approximate list of features that may include sales pipeline, diverse reporting, and notification systems, invoicing, etc.

Once completed create your vision of the solution usage and think about the following aspects that will also affect CRM cost whether it’s custom or customizable.

Access. How many employees will use the system daily? Are any hierarchy should be for their accounts to limit the number of possible operations?

Operations. How and what kind of data should be gathered/entered? How assignments should be set, maintained and updated? How reports should be formed and requested?

Integration. What other solutions, API and lead channels (social networks, etc.) would like to integrate into your system? What data do you desire to have access to?

Security. What level of security is necessary? What authentication methods would you prefer for constant and new users? Should they be location-sensitive?

Platforms. Do you want a desktop, web, mobile or multi-platform solution? If the last option should all of them be equal in functionality?

Additionally, If it’s not your first CRM development cycle you should define data that should be transferred to a new solution and ensure with a contractor that its migration can be done. You should also determine the period you’d like to complete the new solution integration fully in your workflow

As was stated before, you don’t have to find the precise answers to these questions. You just need to organize and outline the goals you want to achieve with the software and outline the paths to them.

Why build custom CRM

Sales and marketing processes disregarding the company size and scope aren't things that can be easily set up and properly maintained without application of any digital solutions. Simply the market running intensity and its conditions of any field don’t allow avoiding their structuring, scheduling, and tracking to be able to succeed.

There are multiple solutions available that you can find appropriate for your business needs. But does it match your needs features, scalability and budget-wise and for how long will it be true?

You can set these questions aside if you opt for a custom CRM system. This way you don’t choose you to define and get what namely your business needs. If you’re already taking a custom approach to your customers why not the employees and processes?

Springs successfully provide CRM web development as well as mobile management solutions for sales and marketing automation for years. You can review the case studies for the diverse-grade companies operating of Advertising, Legal, Financial and other scopes.

Customer retention is the key

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What are the most relevant factors to consider?

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Don’t overspend on growth marketing without good retention rates

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What’s the ideal customer retention rate?

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Next steps to increase your customer retention

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