December 8, 2023

Wearable Tech 2020 - Conference Recap

Last week Springs made a contribution to widening IoT expertise. Our Managing partner attended one of the top wearable tech events in Munich.

Written by
Serhii Uspenskyi

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Wearable Tech 2020 - Conference Recap

"Combining networking and learning within the scope community is always a rewarding experience and WT Europe 2020 was not an exception."

Serhii Uspenskiy

Kicking off with the warm welcome from Christian Stammel, WT CEO, the event proceeded with exciting keynotes about smart clothing underlining the further development of the consumer IoT and its impact, in particular, on fashion, sports, lighting, etc.

Day 1 was also filled with informative presentations and discussions concerning the novelty contributions of the Internet of Things, AI, AR/VR, and other technologies to digital transformation in manufacturing, healthcare and agriculture.

WT Conference, Munich 2020

Especially for me, was notable the performance by Simon Bachman (Co-Founder & CEO of IDUN Technologies) about efforts made by IoT device producers to create a better consumer experience which is crucial for enablement of building robust and efficient systems.

WT Conference 2020

The representative of Nokia operations also made a strong point concerning 5G importance for industrial IoT supporting it by demonstrating persuasive use cases.

Overall the technology infrastructure market will increase to 63 percent CAGR to $48 billion by 2025 improving its attractiveness and ergo grow its influence on the processes related to business automation and optimization.

WT Conference Europe

It was also great to find out this year World Cup award nominees among which are AFS Agro Flow System (winner), Kamedi, Neodelis and Libido Music. Smart clothing challenge was taken by Xenoma for e-skin sleep & lounge for elderly care.

WT Conference, World Cup 2020

Day 2 was almost completely dedicated to digital healthcare innovations using IoT with a focus on consumer wearables that can enable remote diagnostics and therapy. These progressive approaches already become game-changers for disease prevention and cure.

The basic important takeaways from the conference:

  • IoT is a crucial force required for industry digital transformation;
  • Among already tech-dependent fields are agriculture, healthcare, etc.;
  • 5G will continue significantly empowering IoT solutions;
  • Internet of Things becomes more consumer-oriented;
  • Development of wearable tech that improves lives is a scope direction.
Wearable Tech community

About WT Conference . It’s an annual event hosted worldwide by the owners of the leading innovation and market development platform for wearable tech growth that has successfully established an ecosystem of more than 30,000 innovative companies.

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