All-in-one Payment Platform

All-in-one payment platform, boasting PCI DSS Level 1 certification. It enables you to accommodate diverse payment methods seamlessly through a singular device.


  • Website:
  • Client: Fintech Startup
  • Industry: Fintech, Payments
  • Location: China
  • Team: React Developers - 4, Node Developers - 4, Project Manager, QA Engineer, CTO
  • Timeline: 9 months
  • Services: Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, WebPack, Node.js, Express.js, Redux.
  • Problem: Сreate a platform to build a single system for the benefit of merchants.
  • Product: All-in-one platform of payment provider with PCI DSS Level 1 certification that allows you to support multiple payment methods with one device.
  • Result: The fintech startup has successfully grown to become a complex payment system that supports multiple methods within one device.


In the fabric of the client's company vision, the aspiration transcends the mere establishment of a unified system, it's a dedication to architecting a transformative ecosystem for merchants. The heartbeat of this endeavor is the construction of a modern infrastructure, intricately weaving together merchants through dynamic connections facilitated by card networks, mobile payment integrations, and a suite of advanced marketing and analytics tools.

This initiative is a testament to our team's commitment to elevating not just the technological landscape but the very essence of how merchants engage and thrive in the business realm. It's an architectural paradigm shift, a visionary concept that envisions growth not just as an outcome but as an inherent quality embedded in the seamless connectivity and empowerment of businesses through innovative tools and strategic networking. In essence, the platform is a blueprint for an evolutionary leap in the way merchants operate and flourish in the contemporary business milieu.


This robust application represents a pinnacle in secure B2C and B2B web solutions, safeguarding the highest echelons of personal information for both merchants and buyers. Its fortified security framework ensures that every transaction verification unfolds seamlessly in real-time through QR code scanning, instilling trust and reliability at every step.

Encompassing a multifaceted approach to accounting and transaction management, the application features essential modules such as:

The Business Setup module emerges as a transformative force, empowering users to seamlessly establish and configure stores, users, and delineate roles. This feature not only streamlines the onboarding process but sets the stage for an agile and scalable business environment, where adaptability is paramount.

The Latest Activity module serves as a dynamic observatory, offering a comprehensive snapshot of transactions. Users gain access to granular details, including transaction amount, date, status, associated fees, and cumulative totals. This real-time visibility provides a nuanced understanding of financial movements, facilitating strategic decision-making and responsiveness.

Balance Stats, another indispensable facet, offers a deep dive into financial metrics. Users can glean insights into available amounts, assess revenue versus net figures, and access other vital statistics crucial to astute financial management.

The Withdrawal Functionality module, designed with flexibility in mind, empowers users to tailor currency preferences and fine-tune withdrawal amounts. This adaptability ensures that financial operations align seamlessly with individual preferences and business requirements, fostering a customized and user-centric experience.

Streamlining the complex landscape of payment gateways, the Payment Gateway Configuration module allows users to effortlessly adjust and select preferred gateways. This optimization is pivotal for ensuring transactional efficiency, minimizing friction, and enhancing the overall fluidity of financial operations.

Transactions, presented through visual graphs, robust filtering options, and the ability to export transaction histories, encapsulate the essence of dynamic financial representation. This module doesn't just document transactions; it unveils a visual narrative, providing a nuanced and easily interpretable overview that aids in strategic analysis and planning.

The QR Code Repository, a stronghold in data protection, seamlessly integrates with the application's commitment to security. By storing QR codes for secure payment verification, this module ensures a frictionless and secure user experience, aligning with the highest standards of data protection and user-centric design principles.

This comprehensive financial ecosystem meticulously crafted to transcend conventional boundaries, setting a new standard in B2C and B2B transactional excellence.


Innovating at the intersection of finance and technology, our fintech startup has not only evolved but has dynamically transformed into a sophisticated payment ecosystem, seamlessly accommodating diverse payment methods within a single, cohesive device.

The culmination of our team's dedication and expertise has resulted in a remarkable achievement – a comprehensive payment system that transcends conventional boundaries.

Empowering merchants and enhancing customer experiences, platform has strategically streamlined transaction processing. The impact is palpable – a notable simplification that resonates throughout the entire financial transaction ecosystem. This achievement reflects the collaborative efforts of our team, propelling us beyond the realm of ordinary solutions and solidifying our position as innovators in the fintech domain.

In essence, this fintech endeavor goes beyond the ordinary, marking a paradigm shift in how transactions are conducted. It exemplifies the profound value our team brings to the table, shaping a future where financial operations are not only efficient but also effortlessly integrated into the fabric of modern commerce.

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