AI Recruitment Platform

Online job platform that presents a vast IT recruitment community created to connect it with individuals and companies interested in their services.

Client's goal

To give access to recruiting professionals to the target audience in order to increase business profit and other success metrics.

To improve recruitment efficiency within the IT sector and decrease financial and time expenses required to close the vacancy with a qualified candidate.


Online recruitment platform that enables access to the database of qualified recruiters with experience working in the IT market. The web solution opens the following possibilities:

For IT companies:

  • Go through a valid list of available recruiting pros;
  • Register and maintain a company profile;
  • Post vacancy with its details and deadlines;
  • Explore recruiters recommended by AI algorithm;
  • Assign the candidate search for the chosen one;
  • Track the task progress and make adjustments;
  • Pay on deposit basis securely for the provided services;
  • Provide feedback for the recruiter’s performance.

For recruiters:

  • Explore hundreds of actual vacancies from the operational scope;
  • Create and manage a professional account;
  • Provide detailed info of own qualification, recruiting record, contacts;
  • Receive, accept, manage and fulfill available requests;
  • Evaluate experience working with the employer.


The client was able to deliver an AI recruiting tool that was appreciated by the adopters and noted to be a useful add-on for HR automation and workflow optimization that cut expenses on in-house recruitment.


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