Aviation MRO Platform

Online platform created to connect airlines worldwide with the best companies that can provide maintainance, repair and other operational services and ensure quality and safetiness of flights.

Client's goal

To minimize the space between consumer- and business-oriented links of the scope by providing them with an optimal remedy for communication and cooperation.


B2B marketplace that provides the following functionality for the potential deal parties depending on the subscription type:

Maintainance facilities (free plan) via the platform can:

  • Create a profile for company marketing.
  • Manage aircraft types and other details.
  • Improve local customer acquisition and retention.
  • Receive aircraft-on-ground (AOG) & MX requests.

By going premium they can:

  • Find other service providers for support.
  • Earn wider operational geography.
  • Communicate with other service providers.

Airline operators (free plan) via the platform can:

  • Create a profile and add aircraft (120 types supported).
  • Search suitable service providers worldwide.
  • Reduce operatinal resources for maintainance.
  • Send MRO requests and negotiate with facilities.

  • By going premium they can:

    • Sync flight plans with MRO´s en-routes.
    • Directly communicate with multiple providers.
    • Have wider selection of maintainance facilities.
    • Send Work packs via the network directly.

    The users can easily explore the platform on smartphones and tablets since the mobile experience is provided with PWA technology.


    The solution earns appreciation from both interested parties since it shows the capability to fill the existing communication gap within the scope allowing its reps get closer to cost-efficiency.


    Feedback From Client

    Andreas Past
    Managing Director at Aviation Heaven GmbH

    Springs delivered the project perfectly. They addressed all issues and resolved them in a very short time. The communication was seamless and they regularly updated the client.

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