Blockchain Explorer

AI-based blockchain analytics tool for investigation of the searched ETH, BTC, crypto addresses, wallets or transactions.

Client's goal

To provide scopes with the source of valuable insights to help them to develop better trading strategies and raise the fraud prevention level.


Online search platform that retrieves available data related to ETH, BTC, ERC-20 and Tether that after processing is displayed on the detailed dashboard. It enables in-depth analysis of user crypto-holdings and addresses including real-time transaction analytics.

The tool according to selected by user filters displays:

For group addresses:

  • Portfolio breakdown. All assets present in any address crypto portfolio.
  • ROI. Money-Weighted and Return on Investment per asset/portfolio.
  • Balance. Address historical balances with the Currency and Granularity.
  • Address activity. Transaction (number/value) activity for a period.
  • Statement. Key info related to the searched address activity over time.
  • Relations. Node-format visualization of the address transactions.
  • Transaction hash. The key info related to any transaction hash.

The provided dashboard is customizable and can also present transaction analysis, news as well as:

  • Token analysis: holders, transactions, price/volume, top performers, etc.
  • Ethereum analysis: gap price chart, transaction history, miners, etc.
  • Bitcoin analysis: transaction history, last block added, etc.


The solution already becomes a needed tool for experienced and new cryptocurrency market players.


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