Data Processing System

Notify is a data processing web application developed for the huge British company that deals with central heating & air conditioning.

Client's goal

Optimize the workflow of the sales department through automation of routine tasks like data collection, sorting, presentation and transmission.


Custom web app that allows scraping data concerning customers or scheduled appointments via public API to ensure timely fulfillment of orders. The solution ensures awareness about the upcoming appointment of a company worker and a corresponding customer and enables the following features:

  • Database/calendar access
  • Custom letter template upload
  • Data converting to PDF
  • Notification e-mailings


Integration of the web solution increased the efficiency and fulfillment accuracy of the selected processes related to customer relationship management in comparison to manual execution.


Feedback From Client

Michelle Coates
Managing Director

They are a team of creative developers who find a way to make things work. The new application has been pivotal in meeting regulatory requirements. Springs was actively engaged throughout the entire process. They more than compensated for limited design proficiency by welcoming feedback, immediately applying revisions, and creatively resolving difficult bug issues.

Desktop Screenshots


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