ML Fleet Management System

Complex truck monitoring solution to ensure timely delivery and optimal vechicle usage for the bakery manufacturer.

Client's goal

Raise the level of service by ensuring on-time reception and ergo freshness of the goods supplied to the local vendors within the operated region.


Fleet management system the integration of which implied in advance installation of cameras on viewpoint rams and IoT devices containing GPS trackers and sensors on each truck.

It developed in the form of a complex web application that provides required real-time analysis of the data received from them and namely:

Video streams

It allows detecting each particular vehicle arrival and departure from the selected ramps to detect reasons of occasionally appeared delays.


It allows tracking time and location of the truck on the road to ensure the route and delivery period conformity with the one approximated during planning.

Device info

It allows discovering any malfunctions or breaks concerning connectivity or devices timely to avoid receiving incorrect data or their complete absence.

IoT fleet management solution provides managers and board members with custom scheduled or on-demand analytical reports.


Minimization of the number of delays during everyday deliveries through the increase of related KPIs and the whole process cost-efficiency in the long run.

The solution integration also allowed avoiding inconvenient fulfillment of partnership agreements and expenses spent on irresponsible workforce, fuel, etc.


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