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A multi-module system for HR company created for better distribution of business resources and improvement of workforce. Today, this unique, forward-thinking concept is at the core of our work. Complemented by technical consulting expertise, it is now internationally active in providing a wide range of training, upskilling, recruiting, and consulting services. It ensures that candidates, seasoned employees, and companies remain competitive in times of digital transformation and make significant contributions to the success of notable companies.

Client's goal

We want to develop our employees so perfectly that they are successful worldwide. Our task is to put students, young professionals, seasoned employees, and companies on the road to success. Through our various unique Talent Solutions, our mission becomes your reality.


Complex scalable ERP system that originally consists of five interconnected management systems and namely:

  • Admin Panel to create different access levels to the processed data.
  • Workforce to manage and analyze performance of the firm employees.
  • Training to schedule and maintain talent acquisition events.
  • Invoicing to handle and store records of all operational transactions.
  • Reporting to provide business financial analytics for C-suite.

Each module has specific features implemented in accordance with company workflow specifics and basics required for the proper operation of the solution like access levels, tracking and notification systems, etc.


Today we meet the continuous developments in the digital world with proven and successful methods. Our diverse experience is what distinguishes us in the high adaptability of our solutions. We always deal with the specific challenges of our customers collaboratively and jointly identify solutions that address their individual needs. This is the best way to identify what you really require. Afterwards, we develop a custom solution based on our proven methods and tailored to your individual needs. Most importantly for us is that we communicate on a personal level..


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