Mental Health Assistant

Mobile audio log that through recording enables having a conversation with yourself and storing your own thoughts and ideas on a smartphone or tablet. An app is your personal space to let out what is on your mind and make self-reflection more effective. Avoid everyday anxiety and stress by taking control of your thoughts when it’s right for you instead of overthinking at times you don’t want to, like before going to sleep. Make this space your own by filling it with thoughts, ideas, worries, concerns, feelings, hopes, and dreams. Use it knowing that anything you don’t want to keep inside your mind - it will hold it for you.

Client's goal

Help people to resolve internal personal conflicts, provide self-support in difficult emotional life moments as well as supply them with an easy-in-use place for the expression of musings and notes.


User-friendly voice notes app for Android and iOS created with a focus on user data privacy. All the information gathered with the application is stored locally so none of the external services don't have access to it.

The solution itself comes with the following functionality:

  • User profile registration, customization, and administration
  • Voice recording with no limits (duration, speed, etc.) set by device
  • Speech-text conversion using Natural Language Processing
  • Records ordering with the creation of custom thematic collections
  • Training mode for novices and user support

Overall content management is carried out in Admin Panel. The app also gathers statistics of user behavior within the privacy policy to improve providing services using Mixpanel.


The client released a competitive NLP mobile app on the Play Market and App Store that's already gaining appreciation from users.


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