ML Habit Tracking App

ML-based mobile app for Android and iOS created to help people to fight their bad habits by tracking everyday progress.

Client's goal

Provide people with the helpful remedy on their way to the healthier and more successful being.


Cross-platform app is a calendar-based diary where users can input details about their efforts to get rid of the chosen habit. It comes with a reward system that provides different badges for achievements and is managed along with the following feature by an admin panel.

To make the app more efficient it was integrated a custom ML algorithm. It allows predicting % of the risk of setbacks for the next 3 days. The model works not only with victory/setback data but also with more deep specifics like what the user feels at the moment and the level of urge.


The app gains their audience thanks to possibility not only monitor but also stay aware and prevent possible difficulties during the fight againgt bad habits.


Mobile Screenshots

Desktop Screenshots


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