Mobile Driver Assistant

Gong is Uber-like mobile application for drivers in case of an emergency on the road. They can request assistance from other drivers who will receive a notification. The first one who accepts the offer earns money after its fulfillment.

Client's goal

To provide drivers with the possibility to receive help on the short notice disregarding the current location, time, car type, available funds and the happening.


Uber-like app for services concerning assistance that drivers may require on the road. Basically, it's an account-based system that includes 4 mobile apps for Android and iOS (2 per platform) and web admin application to provide specific solutions for executives and customers.

For helpful drivers or dedicated companies are available the following features:

  • Registration after the validation by the company and payment system
  • Access to the available requests concerning on-the-road situations
  • Filtering of available jobs by type, location, rates, etc
  • Routing guidelines to the place of the accident
  • Receiving payments of the stipulated amount for the help

Drivers not to remain alone during the unpleasant situation should:

  • Create an account to stay in touch with other drivers
  • Request services concerning repairs, towing, etc.
  • Send payments for the accomplished job
  • Rate executive performance


The outcome of Uber-like app development is the quality solution created in the spirit of Uber apps for service workers that allows helpful driving citizens to stay connected and raise the consciousness on the road.


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