Network Management System

Custom management system available on the web and mobile platforms (Android and IOS) created for monitoring and maintenance of Wi-Fi networks with the specific topology.

Client's goal

Provide convenient system usability and scalability so the hardware (IoT product) users can ensure high-performance and uninterrupted experience for web browsing in the specific locations.


User-friendly multi-platform network management system that created for the appropriate regular device and connectivity monitoring and maintenance to ensure the WI-Fi network stability and quality within the given topology and configuration.

A digital solution comes with the following features:

  • Node/device and access point management mode
  • Interactive map for topology configuration
  • Real-time network status and activity monitoring
  • Customizable dashboard for data analytics visualization
  • User recommendations for better connectivity


IoT network solution is available in App Store, Play Market and online. The client's company continues its growth with the available devices within Wireless scope.


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