Project Management System

Web application aimed at streamlining the challenges associated with agile project management, a common struggle faced by numerous companies within the IT industry.


  • Industry: Computer Software
  • Location: Ukraine
  • Team: UI/UX Designer, React Developers - 3, Node developers - 3, Project Manager, QA Engineers - 3, CTO
  • Timeline: 9 months
  • Services: UI/UX Design, Web Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management
  • Tech Stack: React, Node.js, Express.js, UI/UX design, Figma
  • Problem: Design and develop a project management system to collect all needed external modules and company processes in one place.
  • Product: Web application to simplify the agile project management process that many companies in the IT industry have issues with.
  • Result: The system has already greatly impacted companies' performance in PM & delivery departments.


The fundamental goal of the project was to engineer and implement an advanced project management system that serves as a centralized hub for seamlessly integrating essential external modules and streamlining diverse company processes within a unified platform.

In pursuit of this objective, our team meticulously crafted a robust framework capable of harmonizing various facets of project management. By consolidating external modules and company processes, the system not only enhances operational efficiency but also fosters a cohesive and collaborative working environment.

This comprehensive approach underscores our commitment to providing a solution that not only meets immediate needs but also anticipates and accommodates the evolving complexities of modern project management. The envisioned outcome is a dynamic system that empowers teams to navigate their projects with unparalleled cohesion and productivity.


The pivotal component of our web application lies in its groundbreaking feature, the Estimation Lab. Conceived as the inaugural block, this lab revolutionizes the estimation process, rendering it both effortless and expeditious. Beyond its core functionality, the lab facilitates task decomposition, enabling users to seamlessly navigate various sections of the application, set estimates, and compute overall totals.

The database serves as a centralized repository, meticulously storing all estimates for easy retrieval and analysis. Going beyond mere storage, the application extends its utility by offering the convenience of saving and exporting files in versatile formats such as PDF, XLS, and others. This functionality not only enhances data accessibility but also promotes efficient collaboration and data utilization within the workflow.

An intuitive interface that guides users through the estimation process with clarity and precision. The seamless integration of task decomposition and estimation settings ensures a cohesive and efficient workflow, allowing project teams to navigate complex projects with ease.


The system stands as a transformative force, significantly elevating the operational efficiency of companies within their Project Management (PM) and delivery departments. The impact is unmistakable, streamlining processes and enhancing overall performance. As part of our ongoing commitment to value-driven innovation, the web application is slated for further expansion.

Future iterations will introduce additional blocks meticulously designed to address a spectrum of company needs, ranging from advanced project control systems and resource modules to client interfaces and beyond. This strategic evolution reflects our team's dedication to providing comprehensive solutions that not only meet immediate requirements but also anticipate and adapt to the dynamic landscape of corporate demands.

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