April 8, 2024

Chatbots In HR 2024: Benefits, Use Cases, Examples

Uncover the versatility of human resources chatbots in the modern company setting. Our guide covers the best use cases and HR chatbot examples enterprises should be aware of in order to hire and manage employees successfully.

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Serhii Uspenskyi

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Modern businesses heavily invest in conversational tools to improve sales, customer support, marketing campaigns, and employee training. Workforce management is another area where enterprises are waking up to the possibilities of virtual assistants and chatbots. Banking, e-commerce, food delivery, and telecom industries see the highest adoption rates for human resources chatbots, according to a study published by TheLabReport.com.

13% of HR teams already work with ML apps, virtual assistants, and chatbots for effective employee management. It may seem like a small number, but considering there are about 2,5 million e-commerce businesses in the US alone, there’s potential for chatbot implementation. Our article dives deep into the world of these solutions, their advantages, use cases, and best examples used by enterprises.

What Are HR Chatbots and How Do They Work?

HR chatbots are conversational software solutions that answer questions and provide information about different stages of employee management at particular businesses. Like support and FAQ chatbots, HR solutions can be divided into rule-based or traditional and AI-based. Each type has its set of features and perks:

Rule-based chatbots are perfect for small- to medium-sized businesses that don’t have many policy changes in HR and can be updated relatively quickly. They provide the same generic responses to all employees, which is cost and effort-effective.

AI-enhanced solutions use advanced technologies of NLP and ML to offer unique answers to individual staff members. These HR AI chatbots are more suitable for large international enterprises with different regional HR policies and approaches.

In both cases, businesses need to gather and organize the information these chatbots will provide to applicants and employees. For traditional chatbots, this allows them to answer user requests based on particular keywords. If an employee asks when their probation will end, such a solution provides them with information on the average duration of this period.

In the case of AI-based HR chatbot examples, information helps them continuously self-improve and provide individual answers. For example, a company may have different employee sick leave policies, depending on the time they’ve spent with the enterprise. Instead of generic answers, advanced solutions look into the person’s employment information, analyze it, and offer data specific to their situation.

Top HR Chatbot Use Cases For Business

Depending on the company's goals for HR department automation, it can develop solutions to assist its experts with several aspects of employee management. Here are the most common use cases businesses have for chatbots in HR.

  1. Recruiting

When screening candidates, companies can become overwhelmed by the number of resumes, cover letters, and other supportive documents. The presence of chatbots in HR lets professionals focus on the most promising candidates by scanning their offers for the right keywords, skills, experiences, and qualifications.

These chatbots help schedule appointments and answer questions about openings. The features of modern AI-based tools are so human-like that 73% of applicants can’t recognize that they are talking to them. Chatbots also explain what to expect from company benefits and culture. Through these practices, HR AI chatbots aid companies in reducing the candidate pool and increasing the chance of finding optimal professionals.

  1. Onboarding

In the past, HR experts had to spend some time explaining the various aspects of the working process. They had to elaborate on the company policies of vacations, sick leaves, compensations, and smoke breaks, to name a few. Modern chatbot solutions speed up the onboarding process by providing all this information.

With their help, new employees get instant access to relevant resources, materials, and checklists. Some of the best HR chatbots provide company documentation links so new employees begin their work without spending days filling out forms. Chatbots also explain how the fresh hires fit into the workflow and who their colleagues are.

  1. Employee Self-Management

Modern chatbots reduce the work of the HR departments by handling various requests and questions. They provide information on how to apply for vacations, sick leaves, training programs, and other things the enterprise offers. Sometimes, it's possible to submit requests through chatbots and bypass HR workers.

Additionally, these conversational tools explain the company policies on health insurance, severance, and retirement plans. Employees also use these solutions to update personal details without contacting the department. According to Criticaleye, 62% of employees prefer using chatbots for personal HR needs.

  1. Performance Evaluation 

To maintain a steady workflow and deliver projects on time, enterprises need an efficient way to track employee performance. AI-based solutions help with this process by gathering and analyzing employee data. They may establish that some employees are overdue for a promotion or have to be laid off because of poor productivity.

The final decision is still up to the upper management, but using modern HR chatbot examples gives them a better understanding of employees, helps run their staff effectively, and produces better results. It also saves the HR department time and resources on gathering and evaluating employee data.

  1. Gathering Feedback 

To run companies, owners must listen to the opinions of their employees. Some of the processes they have may be in dire need of updates, while other practices are only a drain on the enterprise resources. But only some people are eager to offer their honest opinion.

HR chatbots offer a safe and anonymous environment where employees share feedback with their employers. Enterprises can use these solutions to conduct regular polls and surveys to improve working conditions continuously.

Springs team may help you with the development of a custom solution that will have specific functions needed exactly for your business needs.

Benefits Of Using Human Resources Chatbots

Introducing these solutions to HR departments has several advantages for companies. Combined, they make businesses more productive and cost-effective. Here are the top benefits companies can expect from chatbot integration.

Accessibility. These solutions offer 24/7 service for applicants and employees. This is particularly helpful for organizations with the workforce in different time zones. Job seekers can use them to get information on new openings and details on these positions.

Time and cost-effectiveness. Enterprises that utilize chatbots save time and funds when running their HR departments. These solutions are relatively affordable to develop and instantly answer requests without hiring additional experts.

Increased productivity. Since these products handle most routine tasks and requests, they drastically cut the daily workload of HR departments. With their help, specialists focus on complex issues that require human intervention.

Better employee engagement. Advanced HR solutions communicate with thousands of employees simultaneously. These capabilities ensure that issues are promptly addressed and work continues as planned.

Deeper insights. AI-based chatbots gather valuable employee information. This lets enterprises know how satisfied people are with their organizations, what common complaints are, and how to address them.

Reduced human errors. Chatbots help enterprises decrease the number of mistakes by producing accurate and up-to-date information. They have instant access to company databases, meaning these solutions are less likely to mix up facts, dates, or figures.

Personalized experiences. HR chatbots offer individual responses and recommendations to all employees. They differ based on a person’s role and history within the enterprise. This personalization leads to more relevant and effective employee interactions.

Top HR Chatbot Examples Used By Enterprises

Despite that the percentage of companies investing in HR solutions is not so high yet, businesses saw great results with this technology. Here’s how chatbots have affected such giants as Airbus, Hewlett-Packard, General Motors, McDonald's, and iFood.

  1. Airbus

The aircraft manufacturer built its chatbot to locate talent on an international level better. Airbus produced Bessie, a solution that enhances the applicant experience. The chatbot provides job seekers with information on common questions, allowing HR experts to focus on more complex tasks.

Airbus has seen great results since introducing Bessie. The chatbot handles 60% of candidate questions outside of regular hours. Each month, 12,000 job seekers interact with the solution. Bessie also handles 74% of all of their questions.

  1. General Motors

America’s top car manufacturer developed its Ev-e solution to automate interview scheduling and answer candidate questions. The company looked for a way to reduce the time between applications and interviews, improve the applicant experience, and make the process more enjoyable for both parties.

According to Eileen Kovalsky, global head of candidate experience at General Motors, the manufacturer saw great results with Ev-e. Since its implementation, the company has saved over $2 million in hard costs and conducted over 500,000 interviews through the chatbot. Thanks to the solution, GM spends only 27 minutes on average to schedule an interview. 

  1. Hewlett Packard

The tech corporation uses an AI chatbot to streamline the hiring process. This solution aims to attract, engage, and convert job seekers into employees. HP’s assistant asks for resumes or background information from applicants and narrows down the list of jobs where the individual’s skills and experience are most relevant.

During the first quarter of 2023, visitors to the company’s website almost doubled. In total, 950,000 people have checked out the page. 26% of them were converted into HP employees. According to HP’s Lavonne Monroe, in the future, job seekers will expect career site chatbots to be even more sophisticated.

  1. iFood

This Brazilian food delivery firm introduced an onboarding chatbot to WhatsApp Messenger and the iFood website. With the help of this solution, iFood streamlined the process of finding new drivers and restaurant employees. 

Additionally, the chatbot offers 24/7 service and answers common questions about the business. Nowadays, the company automates 45% of incoming requests with this solution. It has also reduced delivery costs by 70% and increased employee satisfaction by 91%.

  1. McDonald’s - Recruiting Chatbots

The global fast-food giant uses the Olivia solution to improve the hiring process. The solution offers 24/7 candidate interactions, schedules interviews, and sends reminders. Additionally, the bot sends offers that job seekers can accept by phone, conducts background checks, and facilitates document sharing.

Thanks to Olivia, McDonald’s now takes only 3 minutes to schedule interviews instead of 3 days. Since its adoption, the application numbers have doubled, and the candidate satisfaction rate has risen to 99%. In about a year, the giant reduced hiring time by 60%. Managers also save up to 4-5 hours of manual weekly work.

Springs Custom HR Chatbot Development

Springs company is not a newbie in the building of AI human resources solutions. We have already had great experience in the development of a Recruitment AI platform designed to revolutionize your talent acquisition process by streamlining the search and hiring of professionals from across the globe.

By harnessing AI technology and providing access to a vast network of qualified recruiters, it has effectively addressed numerous challenges previously associated with the IT recruitment process. This platform has quickly become a go-to solution for businesses seeking top IT talent, demonstrating its ability to simplify and enhance the recruitment journey for both employers and job seekers alike.


However, our biggest jump in the area of AI HR Chatbots - is our AI chatbot builder, called IONI.

IONI is an AI Chatbot that helps to improve your HR & recruitment experience and increase the efficiency of both teams.

The product is developed with an integrated GPT-4 LLM that analyzes provided data and returns necessary information requested by the user. So, by automating information retrieval, IONI helps businesses save time and resources, allowing them to allocate their workforce more effectively and focus on strategic initiatives.

Moreover, IONI offers a time-saving and effortless template management feature, empowering recruitment teams to streamline their processes. This enhancement not only optimizes hiring service efficiency but also liberates HR managers to concentrate on higher-value tasks, resulting in an enriched recruiting result.

Another good point is that by using IONI, you can quickly create replacements for existing templates for popular HR documentation.

As a result:

  • No need to spend time creating HR policies, drafts, instructions, etc., as they are generated automatically.
  • No need to spend time searching for templates.
  • HR managers and recuriters have more time and can handle moretasks within the same period.
  • This, in turn, helps to decrease the department's expenses.

We are really proud of our work. The product has already earned recognition as the "Product of the Day" on Product Hunt.


HR chatbots are just one of the modern AI solutions paving the way to further business automation. If you want to build one for your enterprise, call our professionals. They will assess your situation and offer the most.

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